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Kevin J Clancy - Marketing Writer & Commentator
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Listed here are 7 of Kevin's books which are in print.
If interested in purchasing one of the following, please go to

Your Gut Is Still Not Smarter Than Your Head
Your Gut is Still Not Smarter
Than Your Head

Counterintuitive Marketing
Counterintuitive Marketing

Market New Products Successfully
Market New Products Successfully

Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming
Uncover the Hidden Power of
Television Programming

Marketing Myths that are Killing Business
Marketing Myths that are Killing Business

Simulated Test Marketing
Simulated Test Marketing


for a complete listing see the Curriculum Vitae

Measuring and Motivating Brand Advocates, (with Eric Paquette), Copernicus Marketing Genius Series eBook, October 2012

State-Of-The-Science-Market-Segmentation: Making Results Actionable for the Entire Marketing Organization, (with Ami Bowen) Book Chapter, Leading Edge Marketing Research: Twenty First Century Tools and Practices, (edited by Mel Prince), November 2011

How to Define a 'Good Target' in the Digital Age: Five Characteristics to Spot in Determining the 'Best' Customers, (with Peter Krieg), Advertising Age, November 2010

Get a Grip on Innovation ROI, (with Peter Krieg), Marketing Management, Spring 2010

Yes You Can! Get More Out of Segmentation Research, (with Henry Gamse), Copernicus Marketing Genius Series eBook, February 2010

Make the ROI Needle Jump the Groove: Five Steps to Better Targeting Health, (with Eric
Paquette), DTC Perspectives, March, 2009

Five Marketing Tips: Start the New Year Off Right, (with Peter Krieg), Sales and Service
Excellence Magazine, January 2009

Reports of the Death of CMO’s Greatly Exaggerated, CMO Journal, August 2008

Barak Obama:  A Brand to Believe In?, (with Ami Bowen)  Brandweek, May 2008

Don’t Let the Poor Results From Marketing Metrics Get You Down, BtoB Magazine, February, 2008

Ending the Bitter Feud Between Sales and Marketing, Sales and Marketing Management, September 2007

 An End to Doorstops:  Segmentation Studies Should do More Than Sit on Your Floor, Marketing Research, Fall, 2007

The Effects of Visual Enhancement On Attribute/Benefit Desirability and Brand Perception Measures: Implications for Reliability and Validity, The Journal of Advertising Research, March 2007

Birds on Hippos: Take a Lesson From Nature, and Go From ‘Just Another Vendor’ to a Real Business Partner With Knowledge Leadership, Marketing Management, Nov/Dec 2006

The Impact of TV Program Involvement on Advertising Effectiveness, COURT TV and its ROI Partners, June 2006

A Six Sigma Approach to Marketing Accountability, The Advertiser, October 2005

Resurrect Your Brand Using Six Sigma Thinking, Marketing Research, Fall, 2005

Don’t Blame the Metrics, The Harvard Business Review, June 2005

The Check’s in the Mail: The Transformation of Deluxe Financial Services Is The Stuff Of Business Legend, Marketing Management, January/February 2005

Product Life Cycle: A Dangerous Idea, Brandweek, March 2004

Illustrations of The Ecological Fallacy in Advertising Research, The Journal of Advertising Research, December 2003

Brand Confusion, Harvard Business Review, Fall 2002

Counterintuitive Thinking – Rescue your Brands from Becoming Commodities Before It’s too Late,”  Publicidad & Mercado Columbia, July, 2002

Sleuthing, Not Slashing for Growth, The Conference Board Magazine of Ideas and Opinion, September, 2001

* None of these books would have been written without the close collaboration of Wallace ("Wally") Wood, a brilliant writer & editor who has devoted years of his life to working with Kevin on these books.

**The articles listed here represent 20 recent publications of approximately 200 that Kevin Clancy has done.  Many of these articles were written with his distinguished partner, Peter Krieg, currently CEO of Copernicus, and other partners of their firm.  None of them would have been written or published without the close collaboration of Ami Bowen, Vice President and Director of Corporate Communications at Copernicus.