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Kevin J Clancy - Marketing Consultant
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Kevin J. Clancy is considered one of America's foremost marketing consultants.

After the first half of his career at BBDO Advertising, the Wharton School and Boston University, Kevin founded 3 different firms - Clancy Shulman and Associates, Yankelovich Clancy Shulman and Copernicus.

Kevin Clancy and his partners opened the doors to Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research 18 years ago.

When the firm was sold to London based Aegis, Clancy stayed on as Chairman and CEO.  Now he has stepped down as CEO, turning the reins over to his long term partner, co-author and buddy Peter Krieg, who according to Kevin “is one of the true geniuses in our field.  He’s a terrific CEO and a world class marketing consultant.”

Kevin maintains the title of Chairman and continues his relationship with Copernicus as a consultant.  In his spare time, he is writing more and taking on selected new activities in the marketing consulting arena.

The interests, accomplishments and life history of Kevin J. Clancy have been outlined and highlighted throughout this site. Please enjoy its content, especially the links to Shocking Truths and the Marketing Blog which are updated regularly and take the Best Practices Test to see if you should be named CEO of General Motors, because you're a marketing guru, or fired from your current job and run out of town. If you are interested in a more serious asessment of your marketing knowledge about a particular product category or brand, take a look at the CEO/CMO Exam. Here's where the amateurs get separated from world class marketing professionals.

For more information about Kevin's firm Copernicus, click here.



Kevin Clancy - Marketing Consultant