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Kevin J Clancy - Critic of Marketing practices and advocate for change
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The following are selected recent speaking engagments. For a complete listing of Kevin's speaking engagements, please dowloand his Curriculum Vitae.*

“Digital Strategies Illustrated: Translating Insights Into Action,”
AMA Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, June 21, 2011

“Overcoming Raging Testosterone and Crackpot Research to Build A Transformational Strategy,”
AMA Dallas
Dallas, TX, May 18, 2011

"Three Things You Can Do to Shake Up Marketing and Drive Organic Growth,”
Dinner Speaker, Sales & Marketing Professional Association, Lexington, MA, March 29, 2011

“Getting Advertising Strategy on the Right Track: A Case Study in Counterproductive Targeting and an Approach to Fix It.”
OTC National Conference

Boston, MA, June 2009

"Using Profit Focused Market Segmentation and Targeting to Move the ROI Needle"
DTC in the ERA of Consumer Choice Conference
Livingston, NJ, October 2008

“Myth Buster:  What Really Impacts Marketing ROI”
The Conference Board’s Marketing Effectiveness Conference
New York, NY, April 2008

“Three Strategic Steps You Can Take Today to Drive Organic Growth Tomorrow”
Association for Strategic Planning Annual Conference
Los Angeles, CA, February 2008

“Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”
Invited Lecture, Denver University Marketing Roundtable
Denver, CO, February 2008

“Insanity in Marketing War Rooms”
INFORMS Society for Marketing Science
Dinner Speaker, The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, October 2007

“Six Sigma Marketing: Changing Brand Trajectories,
Career Paths, and Sometimes Entire Companies”

The Conference Board’s Council on Corporate Brand Management Orlando, FL, October 2007

"Using Profit-Focused Targeting to Move Moribund Markets and Grow Sales and Profits”
Brand ManageCamp
Chicago, IL, September 2007

“Which Types of DTC Advertising Are Most Effective?”
with Hal Spielman
Keynote Speakers-2007 DTC National Conference
Washington, DC, April 2007

“From Competition to Coalition: Uniting Sales and Marketing Behind Transformational Programs”
6th Annual Six Sigma for Sales and Marketing
Las Vegas, NV, March 2007

“New Products Are Your Future:  Learn To Market Them Successfully” - Keynote Speaker
HSM Expomanagement
Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 2006

“Measuring the Short and Long Term Effects of Marketing and Branding Programs”
ABA Branding International Event
Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 2006

“Three Things You Can Do Today to Improve Marketing Performance Tomorrow”
American Marketing Association Strategic Marketing Conference
Chicago, IL, May 2006

“Your Gut is Still Not Smarter Than Your Head: Malcolm Gladwell Couldn’t Be More Wrong
National Agricultural Marketing Association

Kansas City, MS, April 2006

“Toward the Development of Transformational
Marketing Programs”

The Conference Boar’Sd 3nd Annual Senior Marketing
Executives Conference

New York, NY, April 2006

“Six Sigma Marketing: Changing Brand Trajectories, Career Paths, and Sometimes Entire Companies”
Fifth Annual Six Sigma for Sales and Marketing

Las Vegas, NV, March 2006

“Building Your Business Into the Stuff of Business Legend,” Small Business Peak Performance Conference
Boston, MA, November 2005

“Sponsorship Measurement and ROI”
Association of National Advertisers
Event Sponsorship Summit
New York, NY, November 2005

“The Benefits of Counterintuitive Marketing—
New Strategies and Tactics That Will Rock Your Industry”

CMO Magazine, Webcast
New York, NY, September 2005

“It Will Take More Than ROI Metrics to Make Marketing More Accountable”
Association of National Advertisers Marketing Accountability Forum

New York, NY, July 2005


*Kevin is indebted to Ami Bowen, Vice President and Director of Corporate Communication at Copernicus, for her close collaboration in preparing each of these presentations.


Kevin Clancy - Marketing Consultant