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Kevin J Clancy - Marketing Consultant
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Kevin has always loved boats. At seven, he built his first boat working with childhood friends, Tom Sheridan and Ross Browne. The task was easier than you might think. The boys surreptitiously removed a mahogany bookcase from Kevin's living room and took it out in the backyard where they knocked out the shelves and painted their new vessel chinese red (this was Mrs. Sheridan's favorite color - she used it to paint everything in her house including the baby grand piano and TV set). They found caulking cotton in Tom's basement, shoved it in the seams and were ready to go . Ross and Tom picked up the boat, balanced it on a radio flyer wagon and pulled it down to the local beach on City Island, NY, where Kevin grew up. There, it was promptly launched. Hours later, Kevin's Dad came down to the beach for a swim after work, as he did every summer day, and almost had cardiac arrest. He didn't know whether to laugh or lose his mind when he saw 3 knuckleheads paddling around 100 feet off shore in his once beautiful bookcase.

BansheeBy the time Kevin was a preteen he had fallen in love with hydroplanes - small racing boats built of plywood. His dad Bill, a boatbuilder, built him, Banshee, when he was 12 years old. He raced it with a Mercury KG7H racing engine. The photo to the right shows Kevin standing next to his older brother Bill, and behind his younger brothers Tom and Gerald, gassing-up. Bill is holding the gas can while Kevin, always ready to have someone else do the work for him, is standing next to him.

How to Build BoatsKev's Dad built a number of racing boats for his kids over the years. Kev's favorite was named See Ya Later. It was based on a very famous utility hydro called Jinx, designed by Hal Kelly and published in an annual Mechanics Illustrated Magazine How to Build 20 Boats. Kevin and his brothers raced See Ya Later every nice summer day in the waters off City Island. This 11 ft rocketship is shown in the middle of the cover to the left.

Kevin has continued his interest in racing hydroplanes and collecting racing boats and racing engines over the years. His collection includes 11 boats, 3 of them national champions in their respective classes, and many mechanically and cosmetically restored engines, mostly from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. One of his boats, a 8-ft 7-in 3-point hydroplane, driveHydroplanen by Don Graham, IV, won the national championship in Class A (15 cubic inch engine) setting a speed record of over 60 m.p.h. This boat, named Scooby Doo, is currently displayed on a wall in Kevin's office.

Today, one of Kevin’s hobbies is sailing. Growing up on City Island, many families had a sailboat and his was no exception. Bill Clancy Sr., built a pretty 18 foot day-sailor, named Lady Anne after Kevin's senior year of high school. Kevin and his friends spent countless summer evenings during college sailing her on Long Island Sound.

Alacrity - Best American Sailing YachtKevin and his wife, Kathy, are proud owners of Alacrity (shown to the right), a 42-ft cruising and racing sailboat built by Tom and Cuyler Morris of Morris Yachts in Bass Harbor, Maine. Alacrity, which was designed by Chuck Paine and the Morris family with a great deal of collaboration from Kathy Clancy, won Cruising World Magazine’s award as “Best American Sailing Yacht of 2006.” Some of Kevin's happiest days are spent cruising with Kath, Neville and his 3 grown children, Susan, David, Karen and their families. Above is a photo of Alacrity sailing around Mount Dessert Island, Maine.


Kevin Clancy - Marketing Consultant