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Kevin J Clancy - Marketing Writer & Commentator
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Books and Articles

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Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming...and Get the Most from Your Advertising Budget
(Sage Publications, 1999)

Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming is a technical marketing book about a subject near and dear to our hearts—advertising performance.

The book demonstrates that television—even as non-traditional media are in the ascendancy—can be a much more powerful advertising vehicle than has ever been supposed. Long before “engagement” discussion became de rigueur as far as the media planning goes, original research by the late David Lloyd, the co-author, demonstrates the more involved viewers are in the program, the greater the impact of the advertising. As television audiences continue to fragment and commercial costs continue to rise, the book's message grows even more important to television advertisers.









Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming - Kevin Clancy and David Lloyd