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Kevin J Clancy - Marketing Consultant
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Kevin J. Clancy serves as Chairman of Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research, and serves on the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations.

He also continues to give speeches, webcasts, and workshop presentations at industry conferences, academic meetings, and corporate seminars, and is frequently asked by a variety of organizations to provide his expert marketing consulting counsel.

His services include:

Keynote Speeches on a broad range of marketing topics, all related to improving ROI. These speeches are often customized for different target audiences.

Entertaining Lunch/Dinner Speeches on marketing misfires and/or advertising gaffs and how to avoid them.

Marketing Consulting to develop transformational brand strategies – strategies which change brand trajectories, career paths, sometimes entire companies.

New Product Consulting to help create, evaluate and introduce successful new products and services.

Assessments of Brand and Corporate Equity for purposes of brand evaluation and/or acquisition valuation.

Audits of Marketing Decision Making Practices for brands and/or companies—comparing scores on approximately 500 decision-making characteristics to world class standards.

Evaluations of Marketing Performance, including ROI- using state-of-the-science tools to assess performance overtime of measures such as campaign penetration, share of profitability, social media buzz, brand equity, and customer equity compared to competitors.

The Design and Analysis of large-scale, pioneering social science or marketing research studies to investigate exciting, innovative topics, such as measuring the physical and mental health of the American population or a cross-sectional comparison of 16 countries in terms of educational performance. The study might be one to forecast the future of an existing market or to study the factors which drive the growth of third world nations. The methods employed might include international surveys, in-market experiments, long-term tracking or mathematical modeling.

Knowledge Leadership Consulting to help a brand or company become the knowledge leader or category captain in its industry. This involves the research design and analysis of studies which help position the brand as the owner of important proprietary knowledge in the industry.

A Board of Director Position for a consumer products or services company or start-up, a healthcare or medical technology firm, a large advertising agency or another non-profit organization.

Contact Kevin if you would like to discuss working with him on a speech, marketing consulting, or board of directors assignment.

Kevin Clancy